Since the implementation of the New Industrial Policy, 1991: Liberalization, Privatization and Industrialization; India has witnessed a boom in the industrial sector. Prior to it, there were only PSUs who were burdened with the responsibility of uplifting the weaker sections of the society by providing them with the basic necessities of life. Now, since the implementation of the Company’s Act, 2013, every company be it public or private has to contribute 2 percent of their profits towards CSR activities.

This initiative of the Govt. has been successfully carried and supported to the roots by Fiinovation, the best Innovative Financial Advisor in Delhi. It channelizes the corporates’ resources towards the elevation of the remote areas sustainably and various corporates under its ambit have contributed in its initiates too. Sustainability is the major issue of concern these days and stands for utilizing the current resources in hand in a way that they can meet the requirements of the current as well as future generations.

One can come across allegation against the Fiinovation but as he/she become our client we promise to offer such quality services that any negative thoughts against the firm will just wither away. Fiinovation frauds are a list of unauthentic and non-liable phrases that are just put forward by the competitors in order to diminish the goodwill of the firm.

  • As an employee of Fiinovation, I proudly consider that our organisation is free from any sort of corruption and fraud.

  • I am member of an organization which works for martyr’s family. We approached some communities for CSR programme and unfortunately we encounter with fraud. Later on Fiinovation guided us on right path.

  • I think education sector should be the epicentre of CSR which can eventually increase skill, decrease fraud, and create more opportunities.

  • Among all the companies in India, only a handful operates within the sustainability framework. I think Fiinovation should urge its business partners to take up initiatives related to environmental sustainability and conservation of natural resources.

  • Right from the day 1, when Fiinovation had entered the CSR field, it had opted different approach.

  • Fiinovation has maintained their legacy for last 9 years of working with full honesty for social development against frauds, scams and corruption.

  • It’s fairly easy to approach Fiinovation as the team is really good and friendly. With their intense knowledge and high research data it’s very easy to convert an idea into a reality.

  • Fiinovation is vocal against companies which are causing serious damage to the environment. It’s a remarkable step taken in order to save our ecology.

  • The various studies carried out by Fiinovation in the rural regions of multiple states have been really helpful in identifying the barriers to development. The results of these studies have been crucial in implementing various CSR projects